Roof Maintenance

Your First Line Of Defense

Your home or business roof is the first line of defense that you have against the harsh nature of atmospheric changes and other destructive forces of nature such as rain and hail storms, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and snowstorms, and even sudden gusts of wind. And together with the sturdy walls of our home, they provide the basic shell with which to protect the personal belongings – the property and wealth – of us home and business owners. As such, periodic roof maintenance and upkeep of our roofs is one way of keeping the integrity of this protective barrier against environmental factors.

Roof Maintenance

Simplifying the otherwise tedious task of maintaining a damage-free and integral roof system is a task that is best reserved to the professionals. However, there are quite a few simple tricks you can do to minimize the cost associated with a short shelf life of roof materials brought about by damage and or destruction to its components. This can be done by instituting simple and easy to follow steps to inspect your roof, its parts, and materials, and save yourself from the hassle of having to worry about a blown out roof.

Causes of Roof Deterioration

Remember that roof systems can deteriorate from a variety of reasons such as the normal wear and tear of roofing materials and the profound effects of severe weather conditions like wind hail damage and snow loads. Other causes of roof deterioration or weakening of the roof structure include building movement such as occurs during settlement, material contraction, and or expansion. The improper design, construction, and roof maintenance of the system can also contribute to its short shelf life. You should take advantage of the free roofing inspection offered by many contractors.

Small Repairs Ignored Become Expensive Over Time

Furthermore, any roof repairs not dealt with after the first few signs of structural and even functional failure can result in increased damage to the building envelope and interior finishes. This can also lead to loss of occupant productivity especially if the damage causes an interruption in client services and delivery of essential services and programs. Failure of the roof’s structural integrity can significantly endanger the safety of the homeowner and everyone else who lives there.